The song of love.(師父經常性話語)Change the way you think,改變你的想法,改變你的生活態度 Change the way you treat yourself,改變你對待自己的方式 Change the way you treat the meditation,改網路行銷變你看待打坐的方式 Must make it the most important in your life!要把打坐當成你生命中最重要的事 You cannot be anything else but love.除了愛,你無法變成別的 Then you are a real Saint.那時你才關鍵字排名是真正的聖人 Truly happy not laughing,not just joy,真正很快樂!不光是大笑和心情愉悅 but really happiness from the heart, like children.而是發自內心真正的快樂像小孩一樣 This is pure 酒店經紀happiness,yes.是很天真的快樂,是的 You are each other's treasure as well.你們都是彼此的寶藏 Be nice to each other,serve each other.要善待彼此,互相服務 And,always Master-in the face,in 酒店工作the heart,In the face,in the eyes,every where.時時把師父放在面前和心中 The moon like everything else,if we have love,they respond月亮也像其他的事物一樣祂們也會回應 Love is an important 酒店打工thing in spiritual practice.愛心是修行上很重要的一環 Love has to translate into physical action.要把愛心化成實際行動 If you don't do it,then you're not worth a Saint.如果你沒有實際酒店兼職行動,就沒有資格當聖人 You have to have a mighty determination,like a lion.你的決心要很堅強,像獅子一樣 You have to have a very loving heart,so soft like a feather,that every little thing 長灘島moves it.還要有一顆充滿愛力的心,像羽毛般輕柔,任何小事都可以感動它。 Enlightenment lifts your soul up,but your personality,you have to retrain it to fit a Saintly person.開悟把你的靈魂拉上去吳哥窟,但是你必須訓練自己的個性,讓自己當個稱職的聖人。 The wild grass,they look very weak and humble,buy they survive all the time.野草看起來很弱小.很卑微,不過它們隨時都很求生存。 You are not 帛琉here to take!你們不是來這裡拿取的 You are not here to keep!不是來這裡將東西佔為己有! Understand this?了解嗎? But here to give,here to help.你們來這裡貢獻,來幫助的 That's your life 當鋪goal.那是你們人生的目標

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